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Improvement and Scrutiny Committee - Resources

Purpose of committee

Our improvement and scrutiny committees aim to improve the services that you use by monitoring the work of the county council and its local partners including local health services and making recommendations to improve the services that are provided.


The improvement and scrutiny committees also look at issues affecting the wider community in order to fulfil the council’s power to promote community well being.

Find information on completed improvement and scrutiny reviews, the current work programme and how you can get involved.

Types of improvement and scrutiny committee:


We have five improvement and scrutiny committees in place.

The committees are:

  • Climate Change, Biodiversity and Carbon Reduction
  • People
  • Places
  • Resources
  • Health

Improvement and scrutiny - resources is made up of nine members - five Conservative, three Labour and one Liberal Democrat.



Contact information

Support officer: Ivan Walters. Email: