Current ePetitions

Online petitions must follow the same guidelines as paper petitions. As the petition organiser, you'll need to provide us with your name, postal address and email address. You'll also need to decide how long the petition will be open for signatures. Most petitions run for 6 months, but a shorter or longer timeframe can be chosen, up to a maximum of 12 months.

When you create an online petition, it may take 5 working days before it's published online. This is because we have to check that the content of your petition is suitable before it's made available for signature.

If we feel we cannot publish your petition for some reason, we'll contact you to explain. A summary of the petition and the reason why it has not been accepted will be published under the 'rejected petitions' section.

When a petition has closed for signatures, it will automatically be submitted to the director of legal services.

In the same way as a paper petition, you'll receive an acknowledgement within 10 working days. If you'd like to present your petition to a meeting of the council, please contact the director of legal services within 10 working days of receipt of the acknowledgement.

A petition acknowledgement and response will be emailed to everyone who has signed the petition. The acknowledgement and response will also be published.

Select an earlier date range below to find completed e-Petitions and responses from the Council.

Title Respondents Deadline to sign by
Save the Number 80 Bus to Killamarsh, Renishaw and Eckington (EPET396) 79 20/04/2024
Residential Parking Permits, Melbourne 35 30/04/2024
Speed prevention measures to be implemented throughout North Wingfield Alma Estate 43 13/05/2024
Stop the use of glyphosate weed killer on roads/pavements in High Peak (EPET397) 192 Finished
Residents of Eyre street Hasland concerning the traffic (EPET398) 47 Finished
To re-instate the access from Woodville to Church Gresley 97 Finished
Get a Better Bus Service for Rosliston, Colton in the Elms and Walton on Trent 2 Finished
Ramblers Cafe, Shipley Park 46 Finished

Supporting an e-Petition

To support an existing e-Petition choose an e-Petition and add your name, address and email address.

To find out more about the issue, see the supporting information, provided by the lead petitioner, attached to the e-Petition.

Submitting an e-Petition

An e-Petition can relate to any issue on which the Council has powers or duties or on which it has shared delivery responsibilities through the Local Area Agreement or other partnership arrangement.


This Council accepts no liability for the petitions on these web pages. The views expressed in the petitions do not necessarily reflect those of the providers.