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Derbyshire Police and Crime Panel - Thursday, 17 November 2022 10.00 am

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To confirm the non-exempt minutes of the meeting of the Derbyshire Police and Crime Panel held on 8 September 2022


RESOLVED to approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 8 September 2022


Review of the Police and Crime Plan 2021-2025 pdf icon PDF 10 MB


The Police and Crime Commissioner informed the Panel of a proposed amendment to the Police and Crime Plan for Derbyshire 2021-25.


The Commissioner had a duty under section 9(a) of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act  2011 (PRSRA) to keep the police and crime plan under review.


Pursuant to the above duty, the Commissioner was seeking to vary the Police and Crime Plan by updating the key threat and risk areas, to ensure they reflect fit for purpose.


The Commissioner had consulted with the Chief Constable regarding the proposed variation and the Chief Constable agreed.


Derbyshire Constabulary along with partners carried out a well-established Strategic Threat & Risk Assessment (STRA) process periodically.


This process highlighted the top threat and risk areas which were

relevant within Derbyshire based on the analysis of crime data.


The previous threat and risk areas along with the updated list which had been confirmed through the last STRA process were detailed in the report


A revised version of the plan was appended to the report.


Following a number of observations and questions from members, and in particular regarding fraud and cyber-dependent crime being omitted from the amended threat and risk areas, the Commissioner confirmed that the amended list was based on the latest analysis and crime data, and despite some crime areas being removed, a strong focus still remained on those areas.


RESOLVED to note the changes as detailed in the PCC’s report.




Interim update on delivery against Police and Crime Plan pdf icon PDF 844 KB


The Police and Crime Commissioner attended the meeting and provided the Panel with a summary of the work she had conducted in the delivery of the Derbyshire Police and Crime Plan 2021-25, since the last meeting.


The paper which had been circulated to members in advance of the meeting provided an overview of the key work undertaken by the Police and Crime Commissioner in relation to her Police and Crime Plan from 9 September until 8 November 2022. Appended to the report for Panel Members information, were the detailed papers on Rural Crime and Violence against Women and girls, that had been considered at the Performance Scrutiny Meetings on 6 October and 3 November 2022


Members thanked the PCC for her detailed summary and commended her for the good work and large number of activities she had undertaken.


Members were given the opportunity to ask questions and also made a number of comments and observations on the progress on the areas of delivery against the Police and Crime Plan, to which the Police and Crime Commissioner responded.


RESOLVED that the Panel note the update in relation to progress against delivery of the Police and Crime Plan 2021-25





Tackling Burglary pdf icon PDF 169 KB


The PCC had provided Members with a report on Tackling Burglaries in advance of the meeting.


This was a key priority in the Police and Crime Plan and the Commissioner explained that she had worked closely with the Chief Constable over the last year on their action plan to tackle burglaries across Derbyshire. Following on from the Community Charter and Neighbourhood Policing Strategy launched by the Force to deliver on The Police and Crime Plan, earlier in the year, the Chief Constable committed that officers would attend every home burglary reported within the county. This commitment ensures that all residents who are victimised by burglary, irrespective of where they reside, will receive a visit by officers.


During late September, the NPCC made a commitment that all forces across England and Wales would send an officer to investigate all reports of home burglary, irrespective of location or stolen items.


The pledge was made following findings from His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS), who released a report on acquisitive crime and the College of Policing, who had carried out an evidence-based review, setting out how rapid police attendance at scenes could increase victim satisfaction and benefit investigations.


Members were given the opportunity to ask questions and also made a number of comments and observations on the Annual Report, to which the Police and Crime Commissioner responded.


Particular reference was made by members to the need for resources to meet this commitment and how this may reflect on resources available to deal with other areas of crime. The PCC confirmed that she received updates on a regular basis, and it had been reported to her, that there were sufficient resources within the force to meet the demand of attending all home burglary incidents.


RESOLVED to note the report on tackling burglaries


Violence against Women and Girls pdf icon PDF 204 KB


The PCC had provided members with a report in advance of the meeting which gave a general update concerning work on Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) as depicted within the Police and Crime Plan.


The Police and Crime Plan for Derbyshire 2021-2025 highlighted VAWG within two of the six priority areas, ‘Strong Local Policing’ and ‘Victim Support and Safeguarding’.


Commitment to delivering a Derbyshire specific VAWG strategy, working with police and partners to prevent VAWG and providing help for all victims of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, harassment, and stalking are all sub-delivery points stated within the Plan, and work was ongoing within all these area, details of which were given in the report.


Details were given of the Derbyshire specific VAWG Strategy which was finalised and signed by key partners including Derbyshire Constabulary, Derbyshire County Council, Derby City Council and the eight district authorities in May 2022. It was formally launched during the same month and is available for the public to view on the Commissioner’s website.


Since the Strategy was launched, a dedicated VAWG partnership board had been formed comprising of key agencies who signed the strategy including the Police, Derby City and Derbyshire County Council, district and borough councils, Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service and the Integrated Care Board.


A Derbyshire partnership VAWG action plan was being devised amongst partner agencies of the newly formed VAWG board which would soon be put in place to deliver against the strategy. When developed, the coordinated plan would then be implemented to tackle VAWG related offences across Derbyshire. It was hoped that this would be finalised during December.


The Commissioner had also hosted a further scrutiny meeting on 3rd November 2022 to revisit the progress being made by the force surrounding VAWG. A detailed report was requested by the Commissioner concerning the current force plans along with performance data. This was appended as part of the Interim update report considered at this meeting.


Members were given the opportunity to ask questions and also made a number of comments and observations on the Annual Report, to which the Police and Crime Commissioner responded.


Particular reference was made to Misogyny within Police forces. The Commissioner confirmed that she was taking a very strong stance against this and contained within the Action Plan was training and education. It was also reported the PCC had now got a lead officer in dealing with VAWG.


In answer to a question in relation to the online focus groups that had been facilitated by the OPCC specifically for women and organisations representing women to discuss their concerns the Commissioner confirmed that the results of the survey were available on the PCC’s website.


RESOLVED to note the update report concerning work on Violence against Women & Girls  



Member questions to the PCC pdf icon PDF 237 KB


Question 1:  from Cllr H Dhindsa


The Government’s new ‘Drug Strategy – Harm to Hope’ requires the formation of a local dedicated Drug and Alcohol Strategic Partnership. The government’s newly formed Combating Drugs Unit – as part of it’s 10 year drugs plan to cut crime and save lives – has requested this countywide partnership. Representation on this multi-agency partnership includes a senior police leader and the local Police and Crime Commissioner. Can the PCC share with the panel how this fits with her current Police and Crime Plan and what resources and plans are currently  dedicated to tackle this and whether new funding has been allocated by Government to implement the new Drug Strategy to:

a.    The PCC

b.    Derbyshire Police

c.     Any other partner agencies.



PCC Response:


The Police and Crime Plan aligns directly with ‘From Harm to Hope’ – the Government’s ten-year drugs strategy to cut crime and save lives. I can confirm that Derbyshire Constabulary has recently established a strategic Combating Drugs Partnership, through which a county-wide action plan will be jointly developed and managed, with agencies held to account for delivery. Derbyshire Constabulary are committed to working in partnership to tackle the supply and misuse of controlled drugs to help clamp down on anti-social behaviour, reduce neighbourhood crimes including burglary and protect people from the harm caused by serious and organised criminals. A key element of the Strategy is developing first class treatment and recovery services. Derbyshire Constabulary recognise the importance of working in partnership to improve early identification and diversion into treatment services. To further support this aim, additional Home Office funding has been secured to enhance drug testing on arrest (DToA).


Derbyshire Constabulary has a number of operational teams dedicated to tackling drug-related organised crime, child and criminal exploitation and emerging threats posed by drugs gangs operating across county lines. Additionally, through established tasking and co-ordinating processes, the Constabulary has access to additional resources and specialist capabilities through the East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) and continues to build on well-established partnership safeguarding arrangements, to help protect vulnerable people from the harm caused by offenders connected to drug-related criminality.


Supplementary Question:

This was a very important strategy, but it is clear that this will need new funding to make it happen,  and I would urge the PCC an the partner organisations to ensure it is properly resourced in order to make it happen. Are you able to give an indication of where this funding will come from?




One of the Key aspects of this 10 year Strategy was that the government was putting a duty on all organisations working together and work was currently being carried out by partners through the Combating Drugs Partnership about how best to use the funding available. I can provide you with details of the funding coming to Derbyshire


Question 2:   from Cllr H Dhindsa


In response to a question from Cllr Alan Barrow, at the last PCP meeting, the PCC gave the following information  ...  view the full minutes text for item 45/22


Announcements from the PCC


The Budget Consultation process had recently been launched asking the public to take a view on precept options for policing.


A programme of 16 days of actions was to commence shortly with regards to Violence against Women and Girls with lots of activities planned.




Forthcoming Events

To hear an oral update on forthcoming events (if any)


A Community Speedwatch Seminar was to be held on Saturday 19 November 2022, and was the first of its kind recognising the efforts of the 700+ volunteers and looking at progress over the past year.


A Performance Scrutiny Meeting focusing on strong local policing to be held on 23 November 2022.


A Police and Crime Panel Briefing meeting would take place at Police and Fire HQ on 24 November 2022. Members would receive a presentation from the Commissioner’s office on the functions carried out along with a specific finance briefing and opportunity to ask questions. A tour of the joint training centre had been arranged in the afternoon for members to see some of the facilities used by officers within Derbyshire Constabulary.


Work Programme


Discussion around the Work Programme would take place at the next Business meeting, and all Members were encouraged to attend.


The outcome of the Complaints Working Group recent consideration of a complaint would be reported to the next meeting PCP Business meeting.


Date of Next Meeting - 26 January 2023


The date of the next meeting was noted.