Committee details

Derbyshire Police and Crime Panel

Purpose of committee

The panel considers the strategic actions and decisions of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire.


This includes considering whether they have:


        achieved the aims set out in the police and crime plan and annual report

        considered the priorities of the community safety partners

        consulted appropriately with the public and victims


To achieve this the panel:


        review the precept (council tax charge for the police)

        review the Police and Crime Plan including key activities, priorities, delivery and resourcing

        review the annual report

        hold confirmation hearings for the Chief Constable

        handle complaints about the conduct of the Police and Crime Commissioner

        provide a dual role of challenging and supporting the Police and Crime Commissioner

        understanding the strategic needs for the policing area, using the insight and understanding to support the commissioner to carry out their strategy


contact details are


  • Vicky Newbury  (Chair) 
  • Ged Potter  (Vice-Chairman) 
  • William Armitage   
  • Alan Barrow   
  • Val Clare   
  • Mary Dooley   
  • Stephen Handsley   
  • Councillor Carol Hart   
  • Peter Innes   
  • Gordon Rhind   
  • Councillor Dermot Murphy   
  • Councillor Matt Murray   

Contact information

Support officer: Ivan Walters. 38328