Issue - decisions

Regeneration Pipeline Programme Update

15/06/2023 - Regeneration Pipeline Programme Update



1)   Approve for the Sixes Project and the Investment Zone to be added to the Regeneration Pipeline;


2)   Delegate approval to the Executive Director for Place, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Clean Growth and Regeneration to prepare and submit proposals to Government to create an East Midlands Investment Zone;


3)   Approve, in principle, the provision of up to £800,000 from the Climate Change Reserve to support the ‘Sixes’ project to provide hydrogen buses and re-fuelling facilities in the south of the County; and


4)   Delegate approval for the Executive Director for Place, in liaison with the Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Environment, the Director of Legal and Democratic Services and the Director of Finance and ICT, to conclude negotiations with partners over the Sixes project and to enter into necessary agreements.