Issue - decisions

Low Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Programme Update and Forward Programme of Activity

16/03/2023 - Low Emissions Vehicles Infrastructure Programme Update



1)    Note the progress made on implementing the Low Emissions Vehicles Infrastructure Strategy as set in paragraph 4.7 of the report;


2)    Approve the launch of an online community engagement exercise to create a robust evidence base and more clearly define where resident, business and visitor demand for public charge points exist;


3)    Approve the proposed strategic approach to creating and delivering a comprehensive network of electric vehicle charge points across the County as set out in the report;


4)    Delegate to the Executive Director of Place, in association with the Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Environment, the authority to amend or modify the strategic approach to charge point delivery as required, if it remains consistent with the Council’s approved Low Emissions Vehicles Infrastructure implementation;


5)    Approve the framework procurement  approach that utilises Oxford City Council Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) framework, as set out in 4.21 of the report;


6)    Note that further monitoring and evaluation reports will be submitted for member consideration for this stage of work prior to commencing the next phase of the Low Emissions Vehicles Infrastructure implementation; and


7)    Note that the Council will explore opportunities and submit bids where applicable for further grant funding through the Office for Zero Emission Vehicle and Low Emissions Vehicles Infrastructure fund.