Extraordinary meeting, Council - Wednesday, 29 November 2023 10.00 am, NEW

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Requisition for an Extraordinary Meeting of the Council pdf icon PDF 191 KB

In pursuance of paragraph 3 of Schedule 12 to the Local Government Act 1972, Councillors J Dixon, D Greenhalgh, J Bryan, C Dale and R George have signed a requisition to the Chairman of the County Council to call an Extraordinary Meeting as follows:


“We, the undersigned members of Derbyshire County Council being five by number, hereby requisition an extraordinary meeting of the said council in accordance with the provisions of Schedule 12 Local Government Act 1972.


This is in light of the recent report to Cabinet (21 September 2023) Agenda Item 5. Performance Monitoring and Budget Monitoring/Forecast Outturn 2023-24 as at Quarter 1 that identified a potential £46 million overspend in this year’s budget and the urgent need to make urgent savings as a consequence. Given that there is less than 6 months in which to make these in year savings in order to mitigate this shortfall, and the unforeseen nature of this  predicted overspend, it is right that as a matter of urgency all elected members are informed in person of the Council’s finances, together with the implications for services of those in year savings, and have the opportunity to address this issue at a meeting of the Council.


The business proposed to be transacted at the extraordinary meeting shall be:


a)   For Council to receive a written report from the section 151 officer on the current budgetary position of the authority including the need for the authority to make £46 million of in-year savings and the measures planned to achieve those savings,


b)   To allow members to ask technical questions of the section 151 officers regarding the council’s finances arising out of his report to Council,


c)    For Council to receive an oral update from the Leader of the Council on the current budgetary position of the authority, including the need for the authority to make £46m of in-year savings together with details of the measures he plans to achieve those savings, and the likely impact of those measures on services,


d)   To allow members to ask questions of the Leader regarding the Council’s finances or arising out of his or the section 151 officer’s report to Council, and


e)   To allow Council to have the opportunity to make recommendations to the Cabinet to inform any decisions it may make to achieve the £46m in savings.

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