Executive post

Council Leader


Leader of the Council Role Profile


 Accountable to:


        Full Council


        The public


Role Purpose and Activities


        Provide strong, fair and visible political leadership and direction to  


    the Council and in relations to citizens, stakeholders and partners 


         in the co-ordination of Council policies, strategies and service delivery;

        Lead the Council’s efforts to achieve its mission;


       Lead in promoting the aims and core values of the Council;


        Lead the development of local, regional, national and European policy and strategic partnerships relating to the Council;


        Assume overall responsibility for guiding the development and formulation of corporate priorities and strategic policy direction and for presenting those policies to the Council and the wider community, acting as the principal political spokesperson on corporate and strategic issues;


        Provide political guidance to the Corporate Management Team on the implementation of the Council’s priorities and objectives and revenue and capital budgets;


        Appoint other Cabinet Members to form the Cabinet;


        Chair and manage the business/work programme of the Cabinet, ensure a coordinated and coherent approach is taken to policy development and the delivery of services and also, where relevant and taking into account any advice from the Strategic Directors, the Council’s Monitoring Officer or Director of Finance and ICT, ensure that proposals are made to the Council for decision within appropriate timescales and in accordance with the Budget and Policy Framework of the Council and all legislative and procedural requirements;


        Chair meetings of the Cabinet and determine the frequency and timing of meetings of the Cabinet and placing items on its agenda as he/she thinks appropriate;


        Ensure the development of effective corporate policies reflecting the Council’s commitment to continuous improvement and co-ordinate the work of the Cabinet in:





(a)     Developing corporate policies and programmes;


(b)     Delivering high quality services to the people of the County;


(c)     Monitoring performance;


(d)     Preparing and monitoring revenue and capital budgets;


(e)     Reviewing the effectiveness of the Council’s organisation and management process;


(f)      Developing policies to promote the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the County.


        Delegate executive functions to any individual member of the Cabinet;


        Ensure that decisions are taken properly, openly and, where appropriate, publicly and that key decisions are properly programmed and subject to effective public consultation;


        Involve local people and communities in the business and activities of the Council as fully as possible;


        Encourage scrutiny of the Council’s policies and service delivery and the input to policy by all Councillors;


        Ensure that Members are treated responsibly and responsively in representing their constituents;


        Maintain and promote the highest standards of conduct in the Council’s affairs and in the appointment of its staff;


        Chair Strategic Director Appointment Panels;


        Be consulted on any matter in relation to which consultation with the Leader is required under the Council’s Constitution;


        Represent the Council at all levels, liaise with Government and other relevant agencies where appropriate and act as the principal ambassador for the Council in advocating and explaining its roles and function and promoting it as a listening and accessible organisation;


        Consider the learning and development needs of all Members and arrange suitable briefing and learning opportunities to take place through appropriate mechanisms; and


        Be responsible for personal development and undergo appropriate development and continuous improvement for any role undertaken.

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