Executive post

Cabinet Member for Health and Communities


This portfolio is responsible for:


        Health and Wellbeing Board

        Relationship with the NHS CCG and Integrated Care Partnership

        Public Health, including:

o   Health improvement

o   Healthcare related public health

o   Health protection (infectious diseases and environmental health threats and preparedness)


        Health Inequalities

        Integration, including Integrated Care System

        Mental Health and Wellbeing

        Developing whole person wellbeing, health and care 

        Strategic lead Thriving Communities

        Engagement with Communities


        Community Cohesion

        Community Consultation and Community Leadership

        Voluntary and Community Sector

        Crime and Disorder and Partnerships

        Domestic Violence

        Action on Drugs and Alcohol

        Emergency Planning

        Trading Standards

        District and Parish Council Liaison

        Registration Services

        Coroner Services

Post is held by