Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Term Dates and Holidays 2025 – 203024/11/2023For DeterminationBefore 31/12/2023
Supplemental Substance Misuse Treatment and Recovery Grant: Year three funding allocation08/11/2023For Determination14/03/2024
Provision of Specialist Advice Services 2024-508/11/2023For Determination22/01/2024
Use of Contain Outbreak Management Fund to provide additional support to food banks08/11/2023For Determination22/02/2024
Interim Grant for Social Activity Services08/11/2023For Determination07/12/2023
County Hall Options Appraisal - Outline Business Case for the Future of CCHQ08/11/2023For Determination11/01/2024
Provision of BME Community Support and Consultation Services 2024-2518/10/2023For Determination22/01/2024
Provision of Adult Integrated Substance Misuse Treatment Services: Additional Funding for Buprenorphine18/10/2023For Determination08/01/2024
Vaccination Engagement Creswell and South Normanton (Covid-19 and Flu)18/10/2023For Determination18/12/2023
VCS Infrastructure Provision 2024-2518/10/2023For Determination22/02/2024
Interim Grant for Befriending Services18/10/2023For Determination07/12/2023
Performance Monitoring and Budget Monitoring/Forecast Outturn 2023-24 as at Quarter 3 (30 December 2023)21/09/2023For Determination14/03/2024
Reviewing the scope of the Derbyshire Discretionary Fund21/09/2023For Determination11/01/2024
Derbyshire Makes, the Derbyshire Festival of Making: Approval of Delivery Plan, including a Range of Procurement and Funding Methods21/09/2023For Determination11/01/2024
Recovery from Alcohol and Drug Dependence Grant21/09/2023For Determination22/01/2024
Derbyshire County Council Climate Change Strategy: Annual Review of Progress21/09/2023For Determination11/01/2024
Approval of the 2024-25 Strategic Plan and Budget22/08/2023For Determination01/02/2024
Strengthen Digital Support in Derbyshire22/08/2023For Determination22/01/2024
Localities and Place Community Health and Wellbeing Programme 2024-202929/06/2023For Determination11/01/2024
Statutory Guidance on CCTV Installation in Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles – Impact on Council Contracted Services07/06/2023For Determination22/02/2024
Development of a Physical Activity Partnership update and approval of approach18/05/2023For Determination11/01/2024
Update on the Preparation of a New Local Transport Plan18/05/2023For Determination14/03/2024