Title Ref Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Retention Payments for Homecare Workers in private, voluntary and independent market12/01/2022For Determination10/02/2022
Ash Dieback Disease12/01/2022For Determination07/04/2022
National Flood Resilience Framework (lot 2 - supply and installation of Property Flood Resilience Measures)12/01/2022For Determination10/02/2022
Project Advisors - External Support12/01/2022For Determination10/02/2022
Derbyshire Second Homes Programme12/01/2022For Determination10/02/2022
Departmental Service Plans12/01/2022For Determination10/03/2022
Residential Rehabilitation Framework Contract Extension12/01/2022For Determination10/02/2022
Gender Pay Gap Report14/12/2021For Determination10/02/2022
Levelling Up14/12/2021For Determination07/04/2022
High Needs Block Funding Settlement 2022-2314/12/2021For Determination10/03/2022
Early Years Block Funding Settlement 2022-2314/12/2021For Determination10/03/2022
Central School Services Block and Pupil Growth Fund Settlement 2022-2314/12/2021For Determination10/03/2022
The Derbyshire Bus Enhanced Partnership Plan and Scheme14/12/2021For Determination10/03/2022
Quarter 3 Council Plan Performance and Budget update14/12/2021For Determination10/03/2022
Vision Derbyshire Climate Change Strategy15/02/2022For Determination07/04/2022
The Early Help Transition Team – future model of delivery14/12/2021For Determination05/05/2022
Council Plan refresh 2022-2314/12/2021For Determination10/03/2022
Proposal to Support Submission of Full Business Case to Create an East Midlands Freeport14/12/2021For Determination15/02/2022
Approval of the Derbyshire Sexual Health Service within a section 75 for implementation April 202214/12/2021For Determination10/03/2022
Reimbursement of stop smoking pharmacotherapy cost14/12/2021For Determination10/02/2022
Assistive Technology Service14/12/2021For Determination10/02/2022