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Overview of Preparation for Developing a New Local Transport Plan

13/10/2022 - Overview of Preparation for Developing a New Integrated Local Transport Plan



1)   Note that the Department for Transport will be issuing revised guidance in early 2023 to support the development of replacement Local Transport Plans;


2)   Note a commitment to assemble the Derbyshire transport evidence baseline and future projections and complete a review of the plans, policies and programmes that are of relevance to transport in Derbyshire;


3)   Approve the undertaking of stakeholder and public consultation between January and March 2023 to gather information and evidence about Derbyshire’s transport needs and opportunities;


4)   Approve the acceptance of a £178,571.43 grant from Government to support additional capacity in the preparation of a new Local Transport Plan and notes the broad work areas proposed to be undertaken to support Plan preparation as set out in Appendix 1 to the report;


5)   Note that additional capacity funding will be provided to assist the parallel work on an LTP covering the D2N2 geography; and


6)   Delegate final approval of financial allocations to the broad work areas to the Executive Director – Place in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Environment.