Agenda item

Revenue Budget Report 2022-23


Councillor Spencer introduced the report, which had been circulated in advance of the meeting, setting out proposals to Full Council regarding the Revenue Budget and Council Tax for 2022-23.


Councillor Spencer said that he would continue to lobby the government for a multiyear financial settlement which would enable more effective long term future planning to be carried out.


He acknowledged the financial hardships felt by residents as a result of recent events such as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and had concluded that a pragmatic and sensible council tax rise was proposed. He paid tribute to the way financial information was now presented which has enabled a more evidenced and effective budget proposal which was focused on the needs of the population.


Councillor Spencer highlighted several acute pressure areas in the budget such as those in Adult Social Care, Children’s Services and Highways. He also noted the impact of the National Living Wage increase.


The Executive Director of Corporate Services and Transformation, as the Council’s Section 151 Officer, confirmed that he was satisfied that the estimates in the budget were robust.


RESOLVED to recommend to Council on 2 February that it:


1)    Notes the details of the Autumn Budget, Spending Review 2021 and Provisional Local Government Finance Settlement as outlined in sections 4.3 and 4.4 of the report;


2)    Notes the Government’s expectations about Council Tax levels for 2022-23 in section 4.5 of the report;


3)    Approves the precepts as outlined in section 4.5 and Appendix Four; of the report;


4)    Approves that billing authorities are informed of Council Tax levels arising from the budget proposals as outlined in section 4.5 and Appendix Four of the report;


5)    Approves the contingency to cover non-standard inflation as outlined in section 4.7 of the report. The contingency to be allocated by the Executive Director, Corporate Services and Transformation, as S151 Officer, once nonstandard inflation has been agreed;


6)    Approves the service pressure items identified in section 4.8 and Appendix Five of the report;


7)    Approves the level and allocation of budget savings as outlined in section 4.9 and Appendix Six of the report;


8)    Notes the comments of the Executive Director, Corporate Services and Transformation, as S151 Officer, about the robustness of the estimates and adequacy of the reserves as outlined in section 4.10 of the report;


9)    Notes the details of the Council’s consultation activity as outlined in section 5 of the report;


10)                  Approves the Council Tax requirement of £369.688m which is calculated as follows:


Budget Before Pressures and Budget Reductions


Plus Service Pressures – on-going


Plus Adult Social Care Precept


Plus Service Pressures - one-off


Less Budget Reductions


Increase in Debt Charges


Decrease in Risk Management Budget


Net Budget Requirement


Less Top-Up


Less Business Rates


Less Revenue Support Grant


Less New Homes Bonus


Less General Grant


Less PFI Grant


Less Use of Earmarked Reserves


Balance to be met from Council Tax




11)                  Approves the use of the Revenue Contributions to Capital Expenditure Earmarked Reserve to provide one-off support to the 2022-23 Revenue Budget; and


12)                  Authorises the Executive Director, Corporate Services and Transformation, as S151 Officer, to allocate cash limits amongst Cabinet portfolios; Executive Directors will then report to Cabinet on the revised Service Plans for 2022-23.

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