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Improvement and Scrutiny Committee - Resources - Thursday, 12 May 2022 2.00 pm

Venue: Committee Room 3, County Hall, Matlock, DE4 3AG

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To confirm the non-exempt minutes of the meeting of the Improvement and Scrutiny Committee – Resources held on 3 March 2022.



RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of the Improvement and Scrutiny Committee – Resources held on 3 March 2022 be confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


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(Questions may be submitted to be answered by the Scrutiny Committee, or Council officers who are attending the meeting as witnesses, on any item that is within the scope of the Committee. Please see the procedure for the submission of questions at the end of this agenda)



Question from D Ingham:


I was appointed as an Attendance Manager at the Council 2001-2004 and co-wrote the policy, procedures and provided metrics/training to all Managers at the time.

Wellbeing is at the top of the national agenda and I retain an avid professional interest in the area. 

At June's CIPD Olympia Conference "Rethinking absence management to provide flexible wellbeing support" is being delivered.

I note the update on the Wellbeing Strategy - approved 3 years ago. The delivery of the strategy has apparently been delayed in part due to Covid at a time when those especially working with clients have arguably needed the most support - ironically due to Covid impact.

The Wellbeing strategy hasn’t been progressed to the degree other work areas have. Measures taken appear to consist of repeated ones. In terms of new and pivotal interventions it appears much needs to be done and at pace. Employees currently face huge challenges be it personal, health employment and/or financial pressures. 

The report references to the People Strategy. To understand any impact on the Wellbeing Action Plan and timeline what is the position of the People Strategy in terms of current status and progression as there appears to be linkage between elements ? 

Response :


The Council’s People Strategy was approved by Cabinet in July 2021. The 5 people priorities defined within the strategy are now integral to departmental service planning and form the basis of departmental people plans. As outlined in the People Strategy, one of the 5 people priorities is to ‘enable and ensure the wellbeing and safety of our people’ with the Wellbeing Strategy being a key enabler of the People Strategy.


Whilst the work on the Wellbeing Strategy was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic the Council implemented a robust and targeted response to safeguard staff delivering frontline services and support the physical and emotional wellbeing of all staff.


Supplementary Question:


My supplementary question concerns the People Strategy which came to this Scrutiny Committee in March 2021 before being approved in July. Within that Strategy it refers to the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) offer - this will help define what we expect from our employees as we develop a position of mutual trust. The EVP is aligned to the five people priorities of which Wellbeing is number 5.


The People Strategy will ensure that the council embeds fair processes and practices across its workforce, develop the council’s culture and employee values in terms of being honest fair and transparent. As part of the People Strategy it states a clear competency framework will support our people to deliver their roles in terms of behaviours and competencies.


Can an officer please explain the current situation regarding this key competency framework and its delivery given it underpins the Wellbeing Strategy which the Council is looking to have embedded in day to day operations by 2023/2024?




The competency framework has been developed for senior leaders across the authority and the council is working to develop this for wider  ...  view the full minutes text for item 10/22


Vision Derbyshire Update pdf icon PDF 726 KB


Emma Alexander, Managing Director and Sarah Eaton, Assistant Director, Strategy and Policy gave a detailed presentation to the committee which had been circulated in advance of the meeting and provided members with an update on progress on Vision Derbyshire and outlined the latest position in respect of Phase 4 Development and recent progress on activity undertaken across the four Vision Derbyshire ambition areas and planned activity over the forthcoming period.


Members were given the opportunity to make observations/comments or ask questions which were duly answered or noted by the officers present.


In particular, assurances were given by the officers that the approach used had always been one of inclusivity and despite all Councils not being ‘signed up’, all had participated in project work in looking at ways of collaborative working. If any particular piece of work was agreed, each council would have the opportunity to sign up to that work, if they so wished, though there was no requirement to do so.


The Chairman thanked the officers for their update.


RESOLVED to note the current position and latest developments in respect of the Vision Derbyshire approach and Phase 4 programme of work



Wellbeing Strategy and Action Plan Update pdf icon PDF 358 KB



Members had been provided with a detailed report in advance of the meeting, to update them on the implementation of the existing Wellbeing Strategy and associated action plan


As part of the initial consultation process, Members were also asked to comment on the draft revision of the Strategy which was attached at appendix 3 to the report


Jen Skila, Assistant Director, HR, and Jerry Sanderson, Head of Health Safety and Wellbeing, attended the meeting and gave a verbal update to the committee to compliment the report. Officers were keen that the wellbeing strategy remained current and the associated actions supported the reduction of sickness absence levels and promoted the overall wellbeing of the Council’s workforce.


Members made a number of comments/observations and asked questions around the Strategy and Action Plan, which were duly noted or answered by the officers present. Members welcomed the Strategy and particular reference was made of the importance of getting the message across to all hard to reach employees. 


The Chairman thanked the officers for their update.


RESOLVED to note the progress to date and the refresh of the Wellbeing Strategy and planned development of the associated action plans aligned to the 5 pillars of wellbeing



Work Programme 2022/23


Members were invited to put forward proposals for items to be included in the 2022/23 work programme.


Suggestions included: Channel Shift; Modern Ways of Working Phase 2; Members Development Working Group – Equalities Strategy; and ICT Strategy


RESOLVED to note that work on the development of the 2022/23 work programme was ongoing and that Members were invited to propose further items in addition to those suggested above for consideration. This could be done by emailing the Chair or Roz Savage, Improvement and Scrutiny Officer.