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Vision Derbyshire Climate Change Action Plan

Meeting: 28/11/2022 - Improvement and Scrutiny Committee – Climate Change, Biodiversity and Carbon Reduction (Item 43)

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Caroline Toplis, Programme Manager – Climate Change introduced the report, which had been circulated in advance of the meeting and which presented the Vision Derbyshire Climate Change Action Plan.  This provided further understanding of and supported the climate change work being undertaken with the district and borough councils through Vision Derbyshire and to enable the Action Plan and overarching Strategy be delivered to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the County.  The report was supported by a presentation.


The Plan set out actions for each of the five key themes and a series of actions related to offsetting and communication and engagement, together with the priority actions.  Next steps were to complete a mapping exercise to establish existing activity and to inform the development of delivery plans.  The Vision Derbyshire Climate Change Officers Group would have a co-ordinating, influencing and oversight role for the most part.


Committee members raised a number of concerns currently being faced.  Fast charging hubs and street furniture were some of the many options being considered to deal with the impracticability of charging electric cars and the Planning Guide was to become a nationally recognised document to assist with planning regulations.  Local and district councils were on board however it was recognised that this was a work in progress but resources were limited and that work needed to be done in some instances.


RESOLVED to note the Vision Derbyshire Climate Change Action Plan that had been developed by the Vision Derbyshire Climate Change Officers Group.