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Sustainable travel

Meeting: 25/07/2022 - Improvement and Scrutiny Committee - Climate Change, Biodiversity and Carbon Reduction (Item 29)

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Jim Seymour, Principal Transportation Strategy Manager introduced the report, which had been circulated in advance of the meeting, which set out the approach being taken to address the current challenges in de-carbonising transport and developing policies that encourage sustainable modes of travel and transport.  This was accompanied by a presentation.


The County Council had set out clear strategic ambitions to tackle climate change however, a national growth agenda presented very real challenges and effective sustainable travel and transport strategies were essential.  The proposed Integrated Transport Strategy – the new local transport plan for Derbyshire was presented to the Committee outlining policy context and implications for preparation of a new local transport plan, availability of resources and issues involved in delivery and an update on current sustainable travel opportunities and projects in Derbyshire.


Committee members asked a number of questions following the presentation covering the provision of charging points, bus services and investment in cycling




1.    Note the content of the report and accompanying presentation; and


2.    Advise officers of any further information required.