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Procurement of Replacement Leachate Tanks for Closed Landfills

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Environment

Decision status: Recommendations Approved

Is Key decision?: No

Is subject to call in?: Yes


To seek approval to procure four landfill leachate storage tanks for the closed landfills at Crich and Glapwell 2.


That the Cabinet Member:


Approves the procurement of four new landfill leachate storage tanks for the closed landfill sites at Crich and Glapwell 2 as detailed in the report.


Reasons for the decision:

Replacement of the leachate storage tanks has been found to be the only solution which ensures that the Council continues to meet its statutory obligations to manage landfill leachate at the Crich and Glapwell 2 closed landfills whilst incurring minimum cost and meeting safety obligations to staff.


Alternative options considered:

Do nothing – continue to run on one tank at each site. This option carries the continued risk of tank failure leading to a pollution incident and prosecution by the Environment Agency.  It also incurs additional disposal costs due to the loss of ability to balance the load across two tanks and limit collection to once a day and ensure a full road tanker load can always be available.


Repair only one of the tanks at each site – due to the degraded state of each tank it is considered unlikely that an economic repair backed up by a warranty from the repairer could be obtained. There are also technical challenges in effecting any repairs on site and the cost of removal of tanks to a workshop is prohibitive.


          Replace one tank at each site – this solution does not allow the load balancing approach as noted above. In wet weather, the sites can produce more than one tank of leachate in a day and, without two tanks, this would mean two leachate collections in a day. Local sewage treatment works cannot accept more than one tank of leachate per day due to the composition of the leachate.


          Replace both tanks at each site – this is the only solution that solves the issue of the degraded tank materials. It also provides capacity for leachate storage to enable the sites to stay in compliance with legal requirements, including periods such as when sites are snowed in or otherwise inaccessible. This is also the only solution that enables the required improvements in safety measures for access as the old tanks are not suitable for retrofitting safe access systems. Procuring the four tanks together will enable a more attractive package to be procured, leading to the most advantageous price.


          Options 1, 2 and 3 have been rejected and Option 4 is recommended for approval.


Publication date: 24/11/2022

Date of decision: 24/11/2022

Effective from: 02/12/2022

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